13 November 2008


I have been at a retreat at Lake Tahoe and am realizing what is missing in my soul is liturgy that reminds me of the majesty, power, love of God. Not empty words and form but life giving truth from scripture as told through story and verse. Being led in song and responsive reading engages my mind, heart, and soul. The thought that goes into the planning and design brings inspiration to me. I have the kyrie ringing in my soul throughout the night and following morning.

I think I am going to start writing liturgies.

01 November 2008

I think this is it...

I am not sure I want to do this anymore. I think I have said everything I need to say. I don't think it is making any difference except irritating some people, of which I seem to have done much. I

I don't trust anymore in the church-institution as it now stands but I believe in the followers of Jesus who are seriously following the way, truth, and life of Christ as written about in the Holy Scriptures as well as by the counsel given to them by the spirit of God. I don't believe that is the best we can do. I think it has become ineffective and full of itself. It is not attractive anymore because it doesn't believe and contain the power, mystery, and wonder of the living God who redeems lives and offers hope. It seems more interested in knowing academically more that experiencing more. Entertaining than releasing, consuming than feeding, judging than releasing. I don't trust the academic institutions which know what happened last century but isn't equipping for the next century.

I am aware of a new work that is beginning to reach out, set free, use their building for ministry 7 days a week instead of just Sunday and a few nights out of the week. I am excited to see old building saved from the wrecking ball downtown and retrofitted to meet other churches needs than just the one who paid for it. Churches who are leaving the denominations because they are tired of arguments of redefining the gospel instead living it out. People who are meeting in house churches and are taking their faith seriously and giving to individuals in mission, or beginning missions themselves in the neighborhood around their homes. Some are leaving their medical jobs to be parish nurses through a neighborhood church or clinic. People leaving older ministries and churches to start new missions that reach out to the kids that the churches have kept out of their buildings.

Ministries are beginning that deal with everyday issues that people have, such as tutoring reading and math, instead of just an "evangelistic message" of how they will be after they die. One friend is creating microloans for people who are trying to start a family owned business from their home or trucks. Some have started small bakeries which begin to employ a few others in the neighborhood.

I believe in that church, not the former...

(ok, boys it is your turn)