24 March 2006

Driving like a Youthworker...

Rudy Carrasco accused me of "driving like a youth leader..." I am not sure how I should take that. Being the fair minded thinker that I am, I decided to sit under a tree (which was dripping the entire time because of the mass amounts of snow and rain we have been getting lately) and ruminate if I should take offence at his comment or not.

You know you drive like a youthworker when...

* This is a short drive until you decide where you want to go.
* This isn't your car, you are borrowing it from one of the parents but you are going to let people think it is yours.
* You are continually emerging but never becoming a part of the traffic.
* Even though you have 14 passengers in the VW Microbus, you are looked at suspiciously when driving in the Carpool Lane by the adult "real drivers".
* You can talk, watch a music video on your iPod, email, and do a skit while driving 80mph on the Santa Monica Freeway.
* You've overscheduled and are driving fast enough to be at two places at the same time. Kind of an Einstein type of thing.
* You drive with an understanding of how your driving is a part of the greater traffic around you. A gastalt kind of thing.
* You always drive to Mexico for the holidays.
* You always turn in your gas receipts on time... Well, sort of.
* You don't mind the car getting muddy, because it is all about the experience.
* The car is littered with In-N-Out Burger cups and wrappers from your last trip to Mexico. You don't throw them away because you want to impress your friends.
* You let the core kids drive sometimes.
* You have Rich Mullins, Coldplay, Indigo Girls, Eric Clapton, Korn, Lauryn Hill, Third Day, B.B. King, Switchfoot, Snoop Dog, Brad Paisley, Beethoven, Theme song from Gilligan's Island, Soundtrack from Rent, an old podcast of Brian McLaren speaking at the Youth Specialties convention from three years ago, and the Numa Numa song on your iPod because you don't know who you are going to have in the car with you.

Any thing you want to add?

14 March 2006

Heading to Harambee...

I am heading off in a few minutes to hang with Rudy at Harambee in Pasadena for three days. I want to enter his world rather than just retreat from mine. I am looking forward to seeing him and also maybe get some time with Leisel and Jordo.

Please read Rudy's article in Christianity Today!

I am very fortunate to have the friends I have...

05 March 2006

More art...

Yellow Rose by Marty Stanley

A new artist that I just came across.
Check him out - click on his name.

03 March 2006


I think they delivered the hay bale with the "last straw" in it...