31 December 2005


What will we be talking about this new year on December 31,2006?

What new friends will we find?

What new places will we discover?

Who will we lose and how will we spend our last time with them?

What major events will there be that will shape our lives and will cause us to walk differently because of it?

What new technology will there be that will fascinate us?

What word is God giving us for this year?


29 December 2005

In SoCal - Irvine to be precise...

I am not a fan of Southern California. I was a Dodger and a Ram fan for many years, but today I cannot stand driving in SoCal. I don't hate the people, just the traffic. I know cars don't cause congestion, people do. But it is not against the humanity of SoCal but against the traffic. It robs from the beauty... even though I have more time to look at it because my car is not moving. I never get stuck in a beautiful area, only the ugly part.

I don't like Disneyland either. (I know I just pissed off a few of you...) But I can't handle the crowds. Sure the rides are fun, but the ratio of line to ride is too high to enjoy. My family loves DL and goes without me. My daughter Hillary said she would take me when she is out of college and we could go on a weekday when there is mandatory testing of all school children.

I don't like the beaches in SoCal either. I went one time to Malibu or somewhere like that and I had a hard time keeping from sinning. I prefer the Central Coast... Avila.

I prefer seeing movies in the Met Cinema in Oakhurst versus any other theater, and I go in the afternoon. Less people. People in movies today are rude, someday I want to write about the rudeness of this culture. Soon...

25 December 2005

A point in time...

A child crying, a mother's whisper,
people coming from miles around,
not much room left,
candles, stars,
confusion, obedience,
songs sung by angels and working class,
a simple meal,
remembered friends,
a family now,
long conversations,
wonder, awe,


19 December 2005

Christmas music and...

I am sitting at home, listening to Christmas music on my Mac, after a hectic three weeks of responsibilities.

A Christmas dinner at Calvin Crest. All I had to do was make a seafood bisque for 80 people, accompany my daughter, Hillary, on the piano, and lead a carol sing.

Accompanying Hillary at her Chamber Singers' Concert.

My daughter, Taylor, got married last weekend.

I was a part of Hunter and Sarah Teet's wedding yesterday.

... and a whole lot of things going on personally with myself and my family.

I am a little tired. So if I come off a little snippy let me know.

We also have the Dish network where we can listen to Sirius music as well as get TV stations. So it is the tradition to tune into the "Holiday Channel" and listen to Christmas music. Many popular artist from the past singing different carols... Mel Torme, Burl Ives, Perry Como, Lou Rawls, Bing Crosby, Beach Boys, Glenn Miller, Eartha Kitt, Nat King Cole, and the like.

I bought a Christmas album by Jim Brickman, iTunes labels him "new age". I like the Vince Guaraldi Trio, who did the Charlie Brown Christmas album, the Windham Hill Christmas Album, The Chanticleer Choir's Christmas Albums and of course The Messiah. A little Bing Crosby goes a long way.

But what I don't like are the "artists" of today doing a christmas album. It is too commercial. I don't think they can do anything different that what has been done a lot before. Maybe they should do Kwanzaa music. Music that celebrates family, community, and culture. If an musician came out with a Christmas album I would probably quit buying and listening to their music. They would have lost their political clout. A Rolling Stone Christmas would end it just like Rod Stewart singing ballads of the 40's.

Maybe I would buy a Snoop Dogg Christmas Album.

What Christmas Album do you own and listen?

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas...

02 December 2005

Conjunction Junction, Computer malfuntion...

Tonight I go back to the Sleep Place, get wired up, and now use a C-Pap Machine.

But you say, "Wait, I thought you didn't qualify?"

Then I say, "Ahh yes, there was a computer malfunction and the doctor wanted to do another study because what she could see when the computer wasn't shakin' its booty, was some Apnia behavior. Very technical.

You pause, thinking to yourself, "he sounds as if he is excited." Then you ask, "How do you feel about this?"

Then, I say, "I will do anything to get some rest."

It seems a bit masochistic but to sleep sounds wonderful. Actually to wake up and feel refreshed is what I am looking forward to.

I may wear leather pajamas...