24 October 2009

"No problem."

Alright I know that I haven't written much lately but I gotta say that I am very concerned about the state of youth today. Drugs, promiscuity, AIDs, low educational test scores, economic impact, demonic possession, alcoholism, sagging trousers, texting while driving, or even adolescent obesity... are all things I could write about but I don't think matter as much as what happened to me yesterday.

I was getting coffee at the local espressarero and paid for my doppio con panna. "Thank you." I said to the nose ring'd, eyebrow ring'd, lip ring'd, eyelid ring'd young woman. Without looking up, she said, "No problem."

No problem? Really, that is the only reply you can come up with for someone who is keeping you employed by stopping, getting out of my car, walking up, ordering, waiting 5 minutes and said, "Thank you" to you?

Aren't you really saying "If it was a problem I wouldn't have helped you."

I am not asking you to say "It was my pleasure." or "Gee, I was honored to serve someone as incredible looking as you."

No problem. No connection, lack luster, ho hummed, lack of expression, the warmth of a cadaver. Nothing.

There is something about problem. It is alright to go out of your way for someone. It creates a bit of sweat, which evaporates, and becomes part of the environment, which we breathe in and out and contribute with the moisture of our breathe which adds to the water content in the atmosphere, creating clouds, developing rain, saturating the ground, causing plants to grow, flowers to bloom, coffee beans to ripen, people to harvest them, bringing economic stability to third-world countries, eliminating dictators who oppress the poor and develop nuclear weapons, reducing fear and ultimately bringing peace to all.

And she didn't count out my change either...