21 February 2009

How am I doing?

I am usually pretty tired this part of the year. I have been interviewing many people. I really have enjoyed many of the people I talked to, as is the usual, which is why I love my job so much.

I met one woman, who has been a christian for five years and in that time has been to communist Asia for an extended time to help equip the believers, share the truth of Jesus with her family and now they are followers of the Truth, is a Bible study small group leader at the university, is highly respected by her peers, is about to graduate and is asking if she can work at the camp. I am asking her not to come work for me but to continue her ministry at the place where I do mine. Partners in ministry. Isn't that what it is about? Sitting with her outside a Starbucks, on a beautiful winter day after an intense storm, was the most refreshing spirit filled time of conversation in a long time.

I am having another conversation with a youth pastor who is asking how Calvin Crest can put our staff in the boys and girls areas during free time so that his youth group will not do any more pranks and are safe. They are the ones doing the pranks.

I got a call from a young woman who is looking for an opportunity to teach at CC this summer so that her resume will look good when she begins her search for being a teacher..

I am having conversations with people who have served on staff about their public foul language and excessive drinking as they inquire if they can be in leadership next summer.

A biweekly Bible Study that I lead where 2 out of 22 adults bring a Bible.

I just heard that a man that has been on my case for many years because I challenge the church, is a part of a group who is leading his church to leave the PCUSA.

I wonder about all the conversations, conferences, meetings, and other times together where we have talked about christian behavior but never bore fruit of the Spirit. We are very excited about attending meetings where we know some well known people of Christiandom will be the keynote. The ones who just put out the book on what is the latest movement in the church. It is sad if we think that the latest movement is happening and no one is seeing the fruit of the Spirit somewhere in the first few weeks of it.

If the fruit isn't there, I ain't following. If it involves looking into Ikea catalogs and not more into Scriptures, I can't do it again. The more that it is about technology and less about relationship and hope, it is through.

"Test everything, hold on to that which is good." How do you know if it is good, check for fruit. Not signs and wonders. Fruit.

But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control...

I have to ask myself, am I more concern about shopping or being?