21 August 2004

Can what we do up here fill the streets down there...?

A favorite song of mine these days, don't you know, is Passion's Madly. I like it when we use the song on Friday night at the last worship time together because of the bridge that says, "Let what we do in here fill the streets out there let us dance for you let us dance for you.."

What do we do up in a camp setting that creates such a spark of commitment and desire? Some have said that we spiritually and emotionally manipulate people. My friend, Wolf would say we motivate people. My thinking is that we have to move people out of the place where they stay because of ignorance or fear or hopelessness to a place where they make decisions to allow the Spirit of God to begin a new work. Let the old things pass and become new creations.

This last High School camp I felt the need to not have people respond to a message of stop sinning but to understand and declare the pain that causes behavior which is contrary to the Kingdom life. I don't discuss Calvin's total depravity because it doesn't do anything to set anyone free. Yes we are, but the pain that we have and we mask it out by self medicating with sex, porn, alcohol, drugs, movies, TV, adrenalin pumping experiences, etc., is the issue we need to address. I have dear friends and family members who cut themselves to feel something. It is a real pain that they can control and a sermon on the sinless life isn't going end the pain for them. It will only heap more on their souls. So we address it directly. You are sleeping with a guy so that you will feel something for 10 minutes that you think will fill the hole of pain. Of course it doesn't, in fact it augments the pain by heaping guilt and shame on it.

I asked the students to stand if they had a pain that they try to take away with behaviors of sex, porn, alcohol, drugs, movies, TV... and 80% of the people stood up. These were church kids! This needs to be addressed not only at a week of camp but in relationships on a weekly basis in the meetings at church. We need room for this in our schedules and events of a youth group. Places to talk, places to pray, safe places to heal.

A week of camp is the beginning, but I am afraid that if we continually expose the pain to the "light" but never do anything about it, (camp cannot provide a quick fix - it can only open up the conversation of the youth pastor and the student) the pain will only go deeper and manifest itself in darker behavior than before.

What do you think...

17 August 2004

Josh Kerr is the face behind the carnage with 107 crawdads consumed. (give or take a few) Posted by Hello

There are friends that help you with your car, help you paint your house, help you by praying, help you move, drive you to the airport, let you talk without condemning you... you know them. This is my friend George who has invited me into his backyard for at least six years for an end of the summer Crawdad Feed. He invites the summer staff at Calvin Crest to eat crawdads, shrimp, linguisa, french bread, corn on the cob, desserts, drink soda or beer, and just relax. He talks and allows the cares to just slide off. He is a friend like few others who will let people be people as long as they enjoy a good laugh and are willing to try something new. Thanks George for your friendship, you are a healer of my soul, Doctor. (That is pastor Dave behind him.) Posted by Hello

George's Annual Crawdad Feed for the staff at Calvin Crest. I ate only about 35 crawdads, about 8 chucks of linguisa, 15 shrimps, 4 pieces of garlic bread, and a couple of pieces of pork with Dave's BBQ sauce. What a great time this was. We even had crawdad races. There was about 70 people in George's backyard. The backyard is a zen garden with fig trees, fish, frogs, tomatoes, fruit trees, avocados, and more. It is set up to cook this feed and entertain people in a tight fashion. Thanks George, you're a blessing!!!Posted by Hello

14 August 2004

We finished another season...

Camp is being turned over and many parts are being winterized. This was a quick summer. I thank Jesus for His grace and mercy as we went through the summer without any major or tragic events. That which could have been devastating was not. His grace...

Staff was outstanding, new programs went well, changes were accepted and we are looking forward to building on them.

Next are the weddings!


12 August 2004

10 August 2004

Summer is winding up...

I am going to take a brief rest for the next two weeks. Recommit my heart, mind, body, and soul to Him who gave me life. Take some time to listen and process.

... Peace

01 August 2004

Evaluations of the multiple speakers...

There are many who attended the week(s) that can give better feedback and if they would want to leave a comment about the speakers either individually or the idea please leave a comment.

My feelings is that it took the emphasis off of the speaker and on to the story. It is always easy to fall in love with the speaker but the story then takes a back seat. We talked about the Samaritan Woman at the well which has many stories within the story. That all of our stories really are part of a greater story. Very gestalt. So it worked wonderfully.

Each speaker gave her or his story through this one which added to the relevance and significance to us today. We spoke for a greater calling than just getting saved from Hell but to set people free. I sensed a new identity, "we who believe in freedom" which comes from a song during the civil rights movement, for us to embrace. I don't think it is just that we are Christians but we would, as Jesus said, "finish the work of the Father..." We don't have the power to save but we can go back to our community and say, "Come, let me introduce you to a man who knows everything about me..." who does has saved.