06 March 2011

I need to announce to all my friends and those who have supported me for many years...

I believe there comes a time in everyone's life when they need to stop and assess what is it that they believe, what they stand for, and what do they feel matters. I realized that I have been angry for many years and not sure what was the root of my frustration and bitterness.

I know that I have alienated many of my dear friends over the years with my view on the church and christian institutional hierarchy. I know many have questioned my faith and wondered if I truly believe in Jesus Christ. Some think I have become too liberal in my politics and backslid into being a radical left winger and heathen.

I need to be honest and not live the lie I feel I have been living for the past few years

I have decided I can no longer sit around and be a follower of an organization that turns its back on the common logic and reason of this world. I can no longer be a hypocrite by reading from the word and wearing the colors but in my heart no longer believe.

I have been praying, meditating, and seeking council from close friends and family, some were very surprised and disappointed in me and some figured it out last summer when I quit attending the fellowship. I never want to be a fraud nor have people think that I am a liar and a pretender. I believe in loyalty and commitment, but can no longer continue in this relationship.

Christel decided she would not leave me over this but is a little concerned if I am just going through a mid-life crisis. I have assured her this would not affect our relationship.

I want to make it official with just those of you to whom I am close.

I have decided to no longer call myself a Los Angeles Dodger fan and will begin following the local Fresno Grizzlies and San Francisco Giants.


Jonathan Capp said...

What about the Modesto Nuts?

Sue Birkenseer said...

Finally, you are coming to the dark side!!! The Giants RULE.

Anonymous said...

Horrifying at first...then hilarious!
Keith Beebe

Janna said...

You nearly gave me a heart attack!!! Welcome to the light! We love you, Tony!!!!!!!

Janna Mac

Patrick Hemphill said...

It hurts.....but I still love you Tony.

keitheedwards said...

Repent, O thou reprobate, thou mass of perdition, before it's too late!!!